EssayBot Review: A New Way of Legit Essay Writing, or Unreliable Tool?

Being overwhelmed with your academic assignments, you might have an idea to find someone who can assist you. Whether you have a short deadline, puzzling instructions, or simply a lack of inspiration, finding a better solution than hiring a professional, free paper writer is hard. So you open your browser and start searching for a reliable company. At this point, the real difficulties come into play. There are so many companies out there that each boasts of being the best, but how can you be sure to detect a scam? Gladly, we are here to test the most popular resources and share our experience with you.

This time, we have prepared an Essaybot review to let you know whether you should consider this resource as an option. Our request was a Political Science essay on the topic that sounds like “Effectiveness of the Labor Social Welfare Reforms, 1945–51”. This site has caught our interest because it is not so ordinary. Actually, there are no writers or editors here: it is a writing AI tool that retrieves and compiles materials from the web and arranges a paper on a certain topic automatically. Indeed, one may think that this is a fresh and modern approach. Maybe, it is a direction for all writing companies to choose from. However, certain issues occur inevitably. Let’s discuss them in detail.

What is EssayBot? General impression about company’s site

EssayBot’s website has one serious problem – there is a lack of information about the services provided. You won’t learn anything significant before you register, but you still won’t get full information about the writing process when you do. We have learned how everything works only in the process of ordering. Just because the company doesn’t have any comprehensible instructions and explanations about how their tool works, you should agree that such an unusual writing tool needs to explain itself to the customers in the clearest possible way. Clarity and openness are something that makes a company legit.

Before getting a paid account, we have tried a free prewriting option available on the site’s main page. After inserting our topic in the required field, we have received a couple of paragraphs that were supposed to be relevant. However, EssayBot failed at the very first attempt. The tool couldn’t recognize the topic clearly, so instead of information about the Effectiveness of the Labor Social Welfare Reforms, we received a couple of paragraphs about Child Labor.


At this automatic essay writing service, you have no opportunity to pay per paper. Instead, you have to buy a monthly subscription for a certain charge. Again, you won’t know about this before you try to download content you have already composed because the company doesn’t explain anything about their work on the site.

EssayBot provides a 7-day trial, which comes for free. However, if you want to continue using this service, you will have to pay $49 for the first month and $99 per following month. Almost a hundred dollars for rewritten papers composed by a bot seems to be too much.

Customer Support

Is EssayBot safe? If you pay money to someone, you want your cooperation to be safe. The company is obliged to stay in touch with you and answer your questions when you have them. When ordering from EssayBot, we had a deal of those questions, but nobody responded. The company doesn’t have any channels of fast communication like chat or phone. When you open the Contacts page, you can see a map and email address.

We tried writing a message to them but didn’t get any fast reaction. It seems like EssayBot’s Support representatives don’t check their inboxes too often. Be aware of that when ordering their services, because none of your urgent problems will be solved.

Customer feedback

Is EssayBot legit? If you take a look at Essaybot reviews located on their site, you will surely find many positive comments. Customers say that the service is extremely helpful and have no complaints about anything. However, we never stop on that point and search for some opinions on the web. We have looked through a couple of forums and platforms, including Reddit, to learn about students’ experiences. Let’s discuss some pros and cons they usually mention.

Almost every writing service review found online claims that it is quite interesting to use AI technologies for homework writing. Students say that EssayBot can deal with simple and broad topics but fails when it comes to something more advanced. Paraphrased content is more or less unique, so the chances are that it will pass a plagiarism check. At the same time, the structure stays completely the same, so modern plagiarism-detectors may reveal that it is not so original.

The minuses most customers mention are numerous. Most students believe that $99 per month is too much for re-arranged materials, and they would rather do it themselves. The others say that the company is not very legal and trustworthy. There are complaints that nobody will solve your problem at EssayBot, especially when you have made a mistake with payment. You won’t get any refund in case you have chosen the wrong payment method accidentally. Considering that the company doesn’t provide any comprehensible instructions on the site, this is something that happens too often.

Information about the writers

As we have already mentioned, there are no writers at EssayBot. So, that’s why many people ask “is EssayBot plagiarism?”. It is an online program that paraphrases texts for you. Instead of hiring an author, you simply insert your topic, and the bot performs a search. You can mention certain academic sources that need to be paraphrased, and the tool will do this for you. So, it is not a custom writing service where you have a writing companion to cooperate with, but a machine. So, if you had a question like “is EssayBot free?”, then yeah, it is. But it won’t provide you with a unique customized paper.


Is EssayBot legit? Maybe, it is, but during our review, this resource was not very successful. And there are Essay Bot reviews where customers have the same experience. From first sight, the topic we have chosen is pretty simple, but the tool didn’t understand the request until we provided a couple of relevant sources. So the research capabilities of the program are pretty weak. At the same time, the rewritten content was not so bad and didn’t contain any mistakes or confusing parts. Indeed, it works better than any other text spinners we have tried before, but we are not sure that high-quality academic content is something you can receive this way. Unfortunately, we could not reach the Customer Support team to get more information about the way this software works. Also, you can read this review about, where we cover all pros and cons of this essay writing service.

At TypeMyEssay, one of the best websites that types essay for you online, we think that the strongest side of EssayBot is that it is an interesting concept. So, is Essay Bot legit? Well, not really. Using AI technologies for essay writing is extremely appealing, but let’s remember that this approach is still too raw. The tool is not capable of composing a paper as well as a real human can. The reason is that academic content is more complicated than just a rewrite of existing sources. Maybe, it is a nice idea for some other types of writing, but when your professor gives you a list of tricky questions that require thinking and expertise, EssayBot is not an option at all.