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Failure to give proper reference to your sources constitutes plagiarism and this is a very serious matter for any educational institution.

It goes without saying that when you let TypeMyEssays handle your project, it will be written from scratch personally for you. We never try to reuse, rewrite or transform an old project and then resell it. In order to avoid even the slightest suspicion of this happening, we set up the system where you can watch your writer type the paper in real time.

But there are other reasons how plagiarism might occur in a written assignment. It can happen if the writer isn’t aware of plagiarism and isn’t looking out to avoid it. Also, sometimes the writer simply doesn’t know how to quote his sources correctly and does it in a wrong citation style or doesn’t do it at all.

Such consequences of a writer’s incompetence are too grave to endure, so we make sure it never happens at TypeMyEssays.

Plagiarism check system

We educate our writers on the matters of what plagiarism is and how big of a fraud it is. As representatives of our company they are legally responsible for providing quality and 100% plagiarism-free works.

All of our writers know how to quote the sources and citations properly and always do it because acknowledging someone else’s work is writer’s code of ethics.

Besides that, every assignment goes through additional round of editorial checks before being submitted to the customer. The editor checks the overall quality of a paper and its content, as well as eliminates mistakes, typos and runs a plagiarism check using three difference software providers.

Plagiarism-free paper guarantee

We, management and staff of Type My Essays, hereby promise to you, our potential customer, that we recognize and guarantee your right to receive a 100% authentic paper from our writers. In case you have any doubts about your project or found some traces of plagiarism in it – don’t hesitate to contact us and we will take severe measures to fix this as soon as possible.

Confidentiality and Security

Another issue worth mentioning is the confidentiality. We know what a good reputation is and we treat yours very seriously.

Once you sign up, you become our “Customer -12345” and for our writers and technical support you will remain under the disguise of this nickname forever.

Our data encryption scripts and very stringent confidentiality agreements with every employee (even with the management) are the double and third layers in your security at Type My Essays.

Our writers

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