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When writing essays, you may have come across the problem of plagiarism. Writing creative and interesting story is complicated by the necessity to avoid commonly used phrases that affect the uniqueness of your content. To paraphrase some sentences is hard work to do since the same word collocations can be used in different contexts. Thus, when writing an academic essay or a creative article, many students use different plagiarism checking software to detect problematic areas and take measures. However, knowing how to paraphrase to reach at least 90% of uniqueness is a difficult task, as you may be selecting synonymous of phrases which are also considered as plagiarism.

Thus, the team of offers a unique paraphrasing tool developed to ease the burden of responsibility to the borrowed ideas while writing. We know that writing is complex, and sometimes it feels like there is no way to change the text other than taking the already been written or published. Our rewording tool works to help you find the right words to make your content unique without zero loss to the meaning you put into your words and context.

How Does Paraphrasing Works?

Our sentence rephraser is not the only tool available online, but we offer a product which is different in many aspects. When you insert your text into the special place provided on the web page, our algorithm designs a sentence which consists of synonyms to your own words. The tool tries to keep your sentence structure and your context unchanged while turning your piece of writing into a unique one. Moreover, sometimes there are several paraphrasing options available so that you can choose the one that fits your ideas better. The entire process takes little time and you get a unique article at the end of it.

Choosing proper synonyms to the words helps you increase your content uniqueness levels, avoid plagiarism and after this calculate words to pages. A professional tool available on can definitely help you in creating something original while offering you several options to change your text.

Our Guarantees

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What Is The Best Paraphrasing Tool Service?

Our sentence rewriter has already gained a reputation of the best paraphrasing tool available online. We offer our services in several languages so that we are ready to help those who write in the language other than English.

Moreover, the importance of keywords has already risen for academic articles as well, and our tool is perfectly equipped with the algorithms allowing your article to be easy to find via search engines.

Should you be hesitant about grammar after paraphrasing, we assure you there is nothing to worry about. We try to keep the initial structure of your sentence but also offer several options for you to be in charge of all changes. However, we encourage our clients to make a final proofread after using our tool to avoid any inconsistencies and eliminate inappropriate parts that could break the structure of the entire sentence.

We offer this tool online absolutely for free for everyone who would visit our website, just like our character count tool. You can visit it as many times as you need without boring registration procedures. However, we also offer services of a human proofreader or paraphraser in case you need.

Other tools that facilitate your writing, including plagiarism and grammar checkers, are also available on We do everything to turn your writing into an enjoyable process.